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GPSC Updates on 08-02-2018



Detailed interview Program, Advt.no.99/2016-17, Municipal Health officer, Gujarat State Municipal Health Service, Class-2


Provisional Answer key, Advt.No.57/2017-18, Lecturer, Agadatantra and vidhi Ayurved, Class-2


Provisional Answer key, Advt.No.52/2017-18, Lecturer, Kriya sharir, Class-2


Provisional Answer key, General studies of Advt.no.40,45,53,56,61/2017-18


Provisional Answer key, Advt.no.61/2017-18,Lecturer Shailya tantra, class-2 


Provisional Answer key,Advt.no.56/2017-18 Swasthavrita, class-2


Provisional Answer key,Advt.no.53/2017-18 Dravyaguna, class-2 


Provisional Answer key,Advt.no.45/2017-18 Social Welfare Officer(Special Drive), class-2


Provisional Answer key,Advt.no.40/2017-18,Assistant Engineer (Civil) Class-2, (Special Drive)


Result of interview ,Advt.no.105/2016-17, District Education Officer / District Preliminary Education Officer and Equivalent, Gujarat Education Service class-1 (Administrative Branch)


Result of interview ,Advt.no.129/2016-17,Assitant Research officer, General State Service, Narmada, Water Resource, Water Supply and Kalpsar Department, class-2


Important notice/instruction Advt.no.121/2016-17,Gujarat Administrative service, class-1 and Gujarat Civil SErvice, Class-1 and Class-2


Result of interview, Advt.no.88/2016-17, Assistant Professor, Physics in Government Arts, Science & Commerce College GES, Class-2


Result of interiview, Advt.no.01/2015-16, junior town planner class-2